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We provide you with the irrigation solutions that are simple yet very effective. They reduce the cost, waste and the time required for watering your landscape. They keep your lawn lush in even the driest weather.


Our irrigation systems are automatic and easily programmable. They ensure uniform watering of your garden or lawn and are hassle free.


Our representative will estimate your watering needs and design an irrigation system for you that will perfectly suit your landscape. The installation of such system helps ensure your property remains lush green throughout the seasons.

  • Conserving water is everyone’s responsibility; and your lawn, garden and landscaping requires adequate water to thrive. Choosing an automated system delivers both. Disseminating the right amount of water, at the right time, in the right place preserves your investment and saves water. It’s a compelling reason customers choose automated irrigation systems.

  • In our time-starved culture, opting for an automatic irrigation system ensures your lawn and landscaping thrive with consistent watering. Automatic timers and remote controls make nurturing your landscaping effortless. The numbered benefits include:

    • Water Conservation: Our systems deliver water during prime times to avoid evaporation, and conserve resources

    • Convenience/Dependability: Customized systems deliver water at precisely timed intervals without interruption

    • Savings: Reduces water waste and cost; systems automatically shut down during rainfall

    • Service: Kane Irrigation stands ready to troubleshoot, repair, upgrade and maintain your system during its lifetime as needs, landscaping and other details change

    • Curb appeal is a critical component to the maintenance and future sale of your home. But it’s also yours to just enjoy. Our automated systems invite you to rest assured your grounds are cared for while you work, sleep or travel.

Irrigation Systems: An Anatomy

  • An irrigation system is designed in what we call zones, or a series of sprinklers mapped across a particular area. The factors used to determine the scope of the design include water availability and pressure, and, requirements of the landscape. A flower bed, for example, needs significantly less water than does a lawn. Therefore we design a system to meet your specific needs that considers the variables, and ensures we deliver the right amount, at the right time, in the right place.

Outdoor Lighting

Today’s homeowners see their landscapes as a source of pride, a refuge for relaxation, and a place to enjoy good times with family and friends. Lighting brings these spaces to life after the sun goes down, providing an unmatched aesthetic effect while adding safety and usability.


  • Landscape & Strand Lighting Provide:

    • BEAUTIFICATION: Focal points stand out and become more beautiful. Textures not seen in daylight become eye-catching detail. Architectural features can be accented, which brings the building and the landscape together for a resort-like feel.

    • USABILITY: Lighting enjoyably extends the time spent outdoors. Now patios, pools, and children’s play areas become entertainment venues or just relaxing places to unwind.

    • SAFE PASSAGE: Hazards such as steps, low-hanging or thorny vegetation, abrupt changes in elevation, or debris in a walkway can all be avoided with properly placed landscape lighting. Guests can be safely guided away from hazards.

    • SECURITY: It’s a proven fact that a well-lit landscape will deter potential intruders by eliminating dark areas and shadows that would conceal movement around the property.

    • VALUE: Lighting not only brings a property to life, it also provides excellent return on investment by creating a stunning first impression when viewed by visitors.

Drainage Systems

Does water sit on your yard for hours or days after a large rainfall? These issues can be fixed with proper drainage.

  • The biggest landscaping problem associated with poor lawn drainage is that most plants are not adapted to water clogged soils.

    • Turf grass suffers from root rot, if sitting in water too long. Moss on the other hand, never gets too much water. So poor lawn drainage tends to tip the balance in favor of moss over grass. For information on low growing plants well adapted to wet soils, see Wet groundcovers.

    • Most trees and shrubs are also not adapted to growing in water saturated soils. They also suffer from root rot and lack of oxygen. Some trees, such as bald cypresses and red maples, are better adapted to such conditions. For more information on plants that do better in locations with poor lawn drainage, see either Wet sun plants or Wet shade plants.

  • Another big annoyance that comes with bad lawn drainage is that you can’t enjoy your yard, let alone walk on it, until the water has completely dried out, which can take days. Walking on a wet lawn can cause soil compaction, which is also bad for your plants.

  • And last but not least, sitting water may slowly sip into your house foundations, possibly causing cracks, mold, and other unwanted problems.

Dependable & Trustworthy: If we say it we mean it and will follow through with integrity.

Professional & Quality Service: All of the work is done by us. We do not sub-contract and each client’s system information is recorded for future use. All jobs are done right, no short cuts, all materials are high qualilty and have been tested.

Competitive Pricing: Competitive Pricing with other lead companies in the area, so you get the best service at the best price.


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